Coolest tech devices to take to work

Coolest tech devices to take to work

With advancement in technologies in the current century, there have come many varieties of awesome gadgets that ought to make your stay at place of work very convenient and hustle free. The following is a list of the coolest gizmos that would make your work experience more easy and fun:

Echo Smartpen: With this pen, you do not only get to write with it like any other conventional pen, but it also has a microphone which starts recording at the push of a button. It comes in pretty handy when you are writing notes and suddenly you run out of ink, you just push the record button and start recording the voice of the speaker at the meeting.

iPad: Statistics from electronic consumers show that about 41 percent of interviewed CEOs use iPads to enhance their productivity. It goes without saying that this gadget in the hands of any employee at work will increase their productivity immensely. Caution however has to be taken not to waste time on the internet on unimportant stuff; Facebook, online games.

Electric coffee cup warmer: This is perhaps the most addictive techno gizmo, it warms your coffee while it is in a cup. It has the ability to automatically shut down once the coffee is hot enough.

Jambox: This is an amazing speaker to listen to your favorite music while at the work place. It is wireless hence easily portable and produces hi-fi sound of 85 decibels.

Monster Beats headphones by Dr. Dre: Should your co-worker complain about noise interruption to their work from the above Jambox, then you should have with you this amazing headphone by Dr. Dre. It will give you a quality sound performance while not interfering with the people around you.

Mac Mini: This stealth gadget is suitable for employees who are interested in conducting some development projects which they don’t want the management to be aware of. In the case of cloud development, this Mac Mini come pretty handy when used in conjunction with three of four laptops costing around $500 which would work as test server clusters.

Nike+ Sportband: Is a gadget intended to help you watch your health and feeding habits. When you avoid eating unhealthy foods and decide to take a walk instead during lunch break, this gadget will show you your progress when you get back to your work desk. It’s a health gadget and it’s recommended for companies to give their employees to reduce work related health complications.

The Secret Agent Thumb Drive: For the secret agent wannabee employees, this device lets you to be stealthy; you can slip this thumb drive into a USB port and transfer data to it with much discretion compared to the conventional USB drive which are large and non-discreet.

Smartphones: Going with the electronic consumers trends, many people own Smartphones. Could be an iPhone, Android or Windows phone. Their application in the work place is priceless; you could get your corporate email readily, do multitasking on your phone among other things which will increase your productivity immensely.

The Red Swingline Stapler: This stapler which pays a lot of tributes to Milton associated with “Office Space”. Any worker will find this office equipment invaluable to doing stapling work to his work at the office. You should have one of your own, as it is inexpensive to own and it’s quite handy and it will eliminate the inconvenience of shared office equipment.

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